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Scene from the first PROSIT workshop at the Romanian University Timisoara, 2006

We are an international project with members from different countries and always open for new co-workers. If you'd like to join, please contact us!

Currently (i.e. July 2017), 80 people have contributed to our modelling community and the community has made more than 3,500 page edits on this web site. Each of the PROSIT project pages lists its team members contributing to the models.

PROSIT Workshops

With support of the GECKO research institute of Heilbronn University we organise regularly workshops teaching our modelling methods. For upcoming events, check the PROSIT registration page or contact one of our administrators.

Awards and References

  • Best Paper Award at the 14th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH 2016)
  • German Reference Project of the Open Community, 2010
    German Reference Project
  • Awardee of the Journal Financial Times Germany at the Ideenpark Gesundheitswirtschaft, 2010
    Awarded by Financial Times Germany
  • Awarded with the Quality Seal of the German National Action Platform against Diabetes NAFDM, 2008
    NAFDM Quality Seal