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PROSIT Nephropathy Type 2 Diabetes Model

DanubeB Model

Structure of the PROSIT Nephropathy Diabetes Disease Model Danube B

Latest Release: Summer 2012

Latest Version: new version to be released Summer 2012

Summary: New release of the Danube B structure based on a new methodology that allows to include patient sub-groups.

Team Members: Christian Weiß, Jens Attumalil, Selcan Ipek, Keno März, Monika Pobiruchin, Wendelin Schramm


Discontinued Version of Danube B: The version below is based on the pre 2012 modelling procedures and has been abandoned. The structure was used for later models.

Summary: Introduction of an additional transition from macroalbuminuria to microalbuminuria to the Danube A structure.

Team Members: SL, Wendelin Schramm

DanubeA Model

This model version has been replaced by the Danube B structure and is not supported any more since 2010.

Structure of the PROSIT Nephropathy Diabetes Disease Model 2008A, nick named as "Danube A"

Last Release: 08.01.2008


Summary: n.a.

Team Members: Natalie Krämer, Sabrina Lang, Monika Pobiruchin, Michael Schöll, Wendelin Schramm, Björn Schreiweis, Benjamin Trinczek, Christian Weber