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Vlc.png This page contains development contents which may not yet represent final PROSIT Content.

Case-Based lump sums

The german health care system uses case-based lump sums for the payment of hospitals. To list and calculate the costs of diabetic nephropathy in hospitals, we have to identify the relevant cost items of the catalogue of case-based lump sums, published by DIMDI. I have edited it into a file, listing all cost items which might be important for diabetic nephropathy. The file can be found here. The next step is to check it by a medically qualified person. Btrincze 11:04, 19 November 2007 (CET)

Presenting the first results of analysing the theoretical cost items for laboratory tests in dialysis centres

As the whole cost data analysis runs (the theory is nearly completely finished) we get support from Bielefeld. Dr. Jürgen Rieger listed the cost items, that play a role in the examination and monitoring of nephropathic diabetics. The results can be found here. I would be thankful to know whether or not you agree to it!

Setting up a new cost data set

Currently we are working on a new cost data set for the nephropathy model. Our approach is as follows:

  1. Identify relevant services and cost items using the nephropathy guideline of the German Diabetes Association (DDG) and the practice guideline for physicians of the DDG. This results in an unsorted list of items.
  2. Sorting the list: Allocate the identified services and cost items to service providers and cost complexes such as GP, hospital, drugs, co-payments etc.
  3. Connect disease with cost items: Allocate the identified services and cost items to disease states in the disease model.
  4. Allocate frequencies of provided services to disease states in the model.

Does everybody agree to this approach? Comments are welcomed!

Wendelin Schramm

German base-rates for 2006

The state-specific German base-rates can be found here.

Cave! Dummy data in the cost section

in the 0.9 version and in the Rlease Candidate 1 all cost data are dummy data.

Cost estimates thus represent only fictive results. Though the relations seem to be plausible, they are not!

For using one of the Danube models it is mandatory to edit and update the relevant cost sections