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Aim of this development community is to provide valid and lasting open source disease models for chronic diseases such as diabetes. We want to develop disease models for every possible late complication of diabetes mellitus.

Existing modelling guidelines and pharmaco-economic reporting guidelines shall be respected.

The models shall be fully documented, transparent and reliable in their predictions.

The long-term vision is to build up a lasting Open Source library of disease models on the internet as all models are versionised and remain online.

The fundamental principle of PROSIT is simplicity. Here, we do not strive for developing the most complex, innovative and interoperable disease models. Our goal is to search for the most simple, but transparent and easy to understand approach to develop models.

Another prominent feature of PROSIT is its linkage to teaching and seminars especially in the field of medical informatics and in health economics. Regularly student groups are working on modelling projects and are collecting first experiences in practical scientific working. Also on a regular basis the PROSIT team holds seminars at scientific congresses.

The models are published under the GNU public license (version 2) and users are free to find applications for this software. Even more, users are free to earn money with the models. Yet, all changes to the model are falling again under the GNU public license and must be made public again. This forum is the natural platform for this procedure.

This forum is a unique approach in the world of disease modelling. No one ever (as of 2006) has done this before. You are invited to become member of this exiting pioneer community.

Participate, innovate, create!

Wendelin Schramm (Schramm) for the PROSIT Disease Modelling Community