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Welcome to the PROSIT Open Source Disease Modelling Community

PROSIT is a scientific open source development community for health economic disease models in medicine.

prosit [latin] = "it shall be useful"

  • Since 2006, the PROSIT Development Community aims at providing valid and lasting open source disease models for the health-economic assessment of chronic diseases such as diabetes. We develop disease models for all relevant late complications of diabetes mellitus. The future mission is to integrate further models for other chronic diseases such as asthma, COPD and more.
  • Existing modelling guidelines and pharmaco-economic reporting guidelines shall be respected. The models shall be fully documented, transparent and reliable in their predictions.
  • The long-term vision is to build up a lasting Open Source library of disease models on the internet.

Read more about the Targets of the PROSIT Disease Modelling Community ...

Please note: all of our models are still in preliminary status. If you have questions, feel free to ask them by mail or in our discussion sites Schramm and Pobiruchin.

Due to excessive spamming, we deactivated the possibility to contribute to PROSIT without a valid user account. To apply for a new account, please check here: Register ...

If you want to use content of this page or if you want to contribute, you have to do this in accordance with the GNU Free Documentation License and the GNU Public License version 2.0.

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Structure of the PROSIT Retinopathy Diabetes Disease Model, nick named as "Rhenus A"