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YukonB Model

Latest Release: 11. July 2017

Latest Version: PROSIT Amputation Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2016B Germany

Summary: Yukon B: second release of the Yukon A structure based on the Yukon A methodology with updated inputs. The model is open for discussion: use the discussion link at the top of this page.

Methodology: Markov model (Markov process)

Health Economic Perspective: flexible, dependent on user specification

Time Horizon: 80 cycles; currently defined as annual time steps

Patient Cohort: realistic diabetes cohort for Germany and type 2 diabetes mellitus based on the ProValue study. Divided into up to 16 sub-cohorts. Cohort specifications can be edited freely.

Costs: summary costs for Germany are included based on the KODIM Cost study and results being inflationed to the year 2015. Costs can be edited freely.

Other specifications: the model supports QALYS, and discounting of both costs and effects. The half-cycle correction is implemented as within-cycle correction.

Team Members: Fabian Sailer, Monika Pobiruchin, Wendelin Schramm

Previous Versions: PROSIT Amputation Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2013A Germany RC1

YukonA Model

Structure of the PROSIT Amputation Diabetes Disease Model Yukon A

Latest Release: November 2013

Latest Version: PROSIT Amputation Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2013A Germany RC1

Summary: New release of the amputation model based on both a new structure and a methodology that allows to include patient sub-groups.

Team Members: Christian Weiß, Kurt Neeser, Wendelin Schramm


OrinocoA Model

Structure of the PROSIT Foot Syndrome Diabetes Disease Model Orinoco A

Discontinued Version Orinoco A: The version below is based on the pre 2012 modelling procedures and has been abandoned.

Summary: n.a.

Team Members: Christian Krauth, Wendelin Schramm