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Jenissei B Model

Latest Release: 15. October 2018

Latest Version: PROSIT Retinopathy Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2018B Germany

Summary: Jenissei B: Adapted transition probabilities from Jenissei A. The model is open for discussion: use the discussion link at the top of this page.

Methodology: Markov model (Markov process)

Health Economic Perspective: flexible, dependent on user specification

Time Horizon: 80 cycles; currently defined as annual time steps

Patient Cohort: realistic diabetes cohort for Germany and type 2 diabetes mellitus based on the ProValue study. Divided into up to 16 sub-cohorts. Cohort specifications can be edited freely.

Costs: summary costs for Germany are included based on the KODIM Cost study and results being inflationed to the year 2015. Costs can be edited freely.

Other specifications: the model supports QALYS, and discounting of both costs and effects. The half-cycle correction is implemented as within-cycle correction.

Team Members: Fabian Sailer, Monika Pobiruchin, Wendelin Schramm

Previous Versions: PROSIT Retinopathy Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2016B Germany (from 25. July 2017)

JenisseiA Model

Structure of the PROSIT Retinopathy Diabetes Disease Model Jenissei A

Latest Release: November 2013

Latest Version: PROSIT Retinopathy Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2012A Germany RC1

Summary: New release of the Rhenus structure based on a new methodology that allows to include patient sub-groups.

Team Members: Christian Weiß, Jens Attumalil, Selcan Ipek, Keno März, Monika Pobiruchin, Wendelin Schramm

RhenusA Model

This model version has been replaced by the Jenissei model and is not supported any more since 2013.

Discontinued Versions of Rhenus A: The versions below are based on the pre 2012 modelling procedures and have been abandoned. The structure was used for later models.

Summary: n.a.

Team Members: Tilman Stripf, Yasaman Alimohammadi, Wendelin Schramm