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Rights and Rules in this Community

Every community needs some sort of organisation and even open communities need clear rules or the task will end up in chaos:

This forum is made publicly available for the community to provide a valuable resource for diesease modelling enthusiasts located all over the world. In order to keep this forum in a sane state and to remain a valuable resource, we require all forum members to abide by the following rules.

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to these rules, please contact the forum moderator team or the project team members.


Information Exchange

This forum is for information exchange regarding the PROSIT disease models only.

Postings regarding other projects may be treated as off-topic and may be deleted without prior notification.

Commercial Postings

Commercial advertising of disease modelling related services (e.g. from contract research companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) are not allowed in the forums.

Spamming of any kind, either publicly or privately via PM or e-mail, is not tolerated, and will result in an instant ban of the account involved.

An exception to the commercial advertising rule is when modules are discussed on the forums that relate to modelling techniques, for example web sites from professional software producers. These discussions should under no circumstance become an advertising opportunity for that specific service/company but should address the technical related issues.

Contacting someone through PM or e-mail who is specifically asking for information related to commercial services is allowed and is not considered as spamming.

Inappropriate Forum Content

Postings should be made in the appropriate forum channel and should have a descriptive subject line.

Postings that are not in the appropriate forum channel will be considered as off-topic, and may either be moved to the appropriate channel or may be deleted without prior notification.

Additional Guidelines

Additional guidelines to a specific forum channel may be available as a sticky posting (a post always at the top of the first page on the channel), and are an extension to the main forum rules. These additional guidelines should be read before posting to the channel for the first time.

Cross Posting

Cross-Posting, or posting the same content in multiple channels, will not be tolerated. All related posts involved may be deleted without prior notification.


Bumping postings to the top of the forum channel listing, made to get more attention to the post, will not be tolerated.

When no one has replied to a posting you have made, it is recommended to reply in the same thread with more information that may help in resolving the issue.

Moderator Duty

Postings that have been modified by forum moderators will be marked as being edited with the moderators name included, and a reason for having edited the post.


Searching For Answers

Before posting a problem you are experiencing, please search the forums for related postings which may help you further.

If the problem you are experiencing is reproduceable with a default disease model installation, please submit a bug report to the wiki administrators.

User Profiles

Registration and Community Awareness

Each community member has a profile which can be accessed via the "User List" link in the section "special pages" in the navigation bar on the left side of your computer screen. The profile initially is a blank page. You are invited to provide personal information about you, if you wish to do so.

It is appreciated if all information can be entered truthfully, to be able to present ones self to the community in a better manner.

If you filled out your registration form properly (and really this is the only prerequisite, no selection of preferred members), you will receive the status "modeller" which gives you the right to edit all contents in the forum.

To edit content in the PROSIT Wiki it is not mandatory to register. we kindly ask all contributors to register.


Usernames are used to uniquely identify ones self in the community through the use of a nickname. Usernames must not contain an email address or url address of any kind. Actually, we are not pleased to have "Darth Vader" oder "Conan the Barbarian" as members here.


Avatars are used to further identify ones self in a community through the use of an image that is attached to ones profile. Avatars, if used here, are by no means a method to promote services or businesses, and should be used to promote ones self to the community in a personal manner.


Please do not forget to sign any contributions. simply by entering four times the character ~ after your posting. Links to internal PROSIT forum pages are allowed to be entered in profile signatures (e.g., links to the Wiki site, the contributions, etc.)

Profiles with inappropriate content may be modified without prior notification.

External Solutions (Contributions)

Downloading Contributions

All external solutions (contributions) discussed in the forums must be freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and must also be freely available for download at the Download section on the PROSIT forum site.

Postings regarding contributions that are not released under the GNU General Public License, or are not freely available, may be deleted without prior notification.

Support For Contributions

Please be grateful and respect any contributions made, even if problems are experienced with it. Contributing requires a lot of work and effort on the authors part - "jumping" on the author of the contribution will make them think twice about the next time they would like to make a contribution, which is something that obviously needs to be avoided.

Not everyone is a master at PHP, though everyone here wants to contribute and improve the project. Please respect this, and "get your hands dirty" by helping out improving the contribution, or by supporting the contribution author, as this is a community effort after all.

Abusive Behaviour

Public Behaviour

Abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated, and may result in an instant ban with the accounts involved, with or without notification.

If you have experienced abusive behaviour from a community member, please inform the moderator team so appropriate action can be taken.

Moderator Behaviour

If you feel a forum moderator is abusing the forum rules, or is not acting in an ethical manner, please contact Wendelin Schramm or Christian Weber so appropriate action can be taken.


The site and forum moderators reserve the right to modify or delete any inappropriate content in this wiki without prior notification.

The forum moderators:

Wendelin Schramm and Monika Pobiruchin last change: 22.10.2012