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Wishlist for upcoming releases

Development issues for the 2009 release could be:

  • Closing the large gap between Macroproteinuria and ESRF
  • Dealing with different types of ESRF treatments (dialysis, Tx etc.)
  • Cost data section to be improved
  • Include the one-way sensitivity analysis into the model than rather keep this to a series of single result computations (Wendelin Schramm 12:18, 29 February 2008 (CET))

Development Issues

  • change of input parameters, such as HbA1c or blood pressure, over time
  • upate statistical data with more recent data
  • Written documentation apart from the ODS file
  • Test cases for users to check that they didn't accidentaly modify their downloaded model version
  • Grading of the medical literature
  • A sample report template respecting existing pharmaco-economic publication guidelines
  • After the Open File format has been published as an ISO Standard (ISO/IEC 26300:2006) it is quite natural to test the models between different operating systems and software packages. Chances are high that the test results will be positive. This could enhance the usefulness and widespread use of PROSIT models in the future. So we should work on this...
    • The model works already fine with NeoOffice (MacOS). Christian Weber