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Vlc.png This page contains development contents which may not yet represent final PROSIT Content.

Structure of the PROSIT Nephropathy Diabetes Disease Model 2008A, nick named as "Danube A"

Model Releases for the Diabetes Nephropathy Model

Latest release

PROSIT Nephropathy Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2008A Germany RC1 

You are invited to comment our models.

Older versions


  • 2007 Download of two beta versions available


  • 2006 Download of the first beta version available

DanubeA Development - Overview

The Team

Information and Targets


  • Usability: Development of the screen design of the Danube A model.

Model Structure

  • Structure: Development of the structure of Danube A.




  • Validation plays a major role for the credibility of a disease model. In this section an elaborated validation protocol is published.



Open Discussion

  • Open Discussion: Open issues which are subject to the development of future model versions.


The Danube Team wants to thank all external contributors, who helped in the development of this disease model:

  • Dr. Jürgen Rieger of the KfH-Nierenzentrum im Franziskus Hospital in Bielefeld for his contributions to the Danube cost data set