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Vlc.png This page contains development contents which may not yet represent final PROSIT Content.

This page is currently under construction.

Structure of the PROSIT Nephropathy Diabetes Disease Model 2010B"

Commentary Space

Welcome to the commentary space of the Danube 2010B Release Candidate. You are invited to post comments here, which help eradicate bugs and improve the final model. To post a comment please click on this link! Alternatively choose the the tab "discussion" above and then the tab "edit". Any contribution is welcomed!

Download the model

Here you can download the model. Just click on the following link and save the file to your computer:

How to run a model

Other important information about this model

Here are some introductory articles about PROSIT models:

How to cite this PROSIT model

Please always give the full version name of the model together with the homepage http://www.prosit.de

PROSIT Nephropathy Type 2 Diabetes Disease Model 2010B Germany 05