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Welcome to the PROSIT Open Source Disease Modelling Community

prosit [latin] = "it shall be useful"

PROSIT develops open source disease models for the health economic evaluation of diabetes mellitus

The fundamental principle of PROSIT is simplicity. Here, we do not strive for developing the most complex, innovative and interoperable disease models. Our goal is to search for the most simple, but transparent and easy to understand approach to develop models.
Another prominent feature of PROSIT is its linkage to teaching especially in medical informatics and in health economics. Regularly student groups are working on modelling projects and are collecting first experiences in practical scientific working.
The models are published under the GNU Public License Version 2.

Please note: all models published before 2017 are prototypes. If you have questions, feel free to ask them by mail or in our discussion sites Schramm and Pobiruchin.
Due to excessive spamming, we deactivated the possibility to contribute to PROSIT without a valid user account. To apply for a new account, please check here: Register ...
If you want to use content of this page or if you want to contribute, you have to do this in accordance with the GNU Free Documentation License and the GNU Public License version 2.0.

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Structure of the PROSIT Nephropathy Diabetes Disease Model nick named "Shannon B".