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News and Announcements
  • 28. February 2010 - German Society for Health Economics: A shortened one day PROSIT workshop on Markov modelling is scheduled for the upcoming congress of the German Society for Health Economics in Berlin. Shortly we will provide more information on this event, please reserve the date in your calendar...
  • 18. May 2009 - Congress of the German Diabetes Association: Tilman Stripf presents the retinopathy model in Leipzig.
  • PROSIT Workshop Spring 2009: The two-day German PROSIT Workshop will be held 26.-27. March 2009 at the Heidelberg University Clinic. For booking and the programme follow [this link] (PDF,450kB).
  • 27. October 2009 - New Layout We have redone the front page of PROSIT, you will notice further changes throughout the whole wiki during the next few days.
  • 2. July 2008 - New beta version of Rhenus retinopathy model: The new 0.4 beta version of the Rhenus model is being launched. This model version is the product of a student semester project in the study program medical informatics at University of Heidelberg and Heilbronn University.
  • 2. April 2008: We migrated PROSIT to another server and unfortunately experienced some problems which resulted in a few hours of down-time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. By now everything is back to normal and search engines will now find and index us.
  • 18. March 2008 - Spam Protection: Due to increasing problems with spam on this wiki we had to add a captcha to the pages for editing and account creation. We also blocked some users who likely are bots. If you experience problems using this wiki please write us a mail. Read more...
  • 19. February 2008 - PROSIT Workshop 5./6. April - Programme available: The German PROSIT Disease Modelling Workshop is now open for registration (see also announcement below). Interested? Please download the flyer of the workshop [PDF, 0.5 MB].
  • 13. February 2008 - PROSIT awarded with the Quality seal of the German National Action Platform Diabetes: The PROSIT Disease Modelling has been awarded with the NAFDM Quality Seal of the German National Action Platform Diabetes!
NAFDM Quality Seal

This seal is given after a peer-review to prominent diabetes projects which are likely to contribute to improved future care for persons with diabetes mellitus (