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News and Announcements

  • PROSIT Workshop Autumn 2010: The two-day German PROSIT Workshop will be held 7. to 8. October 2009 in Heilbronn. For booking and the programme, please follow the Registration
  • 28. February 2010 - German Society for Health Economics: A shortened one day PROSIT workshop on Markov modelling is planned for the upcoming congress of the German Society for Health Economics in Berlin. Read more...
  • 26. December 2009 - Re-Launch of the PROSIT Homepage: The design of the homepage as more and more content had been pasted to the internet platform needed a brush-up. We started a new more clear screen-layout of our homepage. Thank you to all contributors - special thanks go to Franziska Herget who coordinated this project.
  • 28. June 2009 - IPHIE Masterclass Amsterdam: Presentation of the PROSIT Disease Modelling Community and its current projects at the IPHIE Masterclass in Amsterdam by Natalie Krämer and Monika Pobiruchin. To see the whole presentation please follow this link.
  • 18. May 2009 - Congress of the German Diabetes Association: Tilman Stripf presents the retinopathy model in Leipzig.
  • PROSIT Workshop Spring 2009: The two-day German PROSIT Workshop will be held 26.-27. March 2009 at the Heidelberg University Clinic. For booking and the programme follow [this link] (PDF,450kB).
  • 27. October 2009 - New Layout We have redone the front page of PROSIT, you will notice further changes throughout the whole wiki during the next few days.

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