PROSIT Pre-diabetes Models

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Coming soon!

Our first Release Candidate of a pre-diabetes model is expected to be released on 1. June 2019

Latest Release: none
Latest Version: none
Summary: The first PROSIT pre-diabetes model is on the way. It relies on the common PROSIT methodology as all diabetes models.
Methodology: Markov model (Markov process)
Health Economic Perspective: flexible, dependent on user specification
Time Horizon: 80 cycles; currently defined as annual time steps
Patient Cohort:
Costs: No cost data set included, but costs can be edited freely.
Other specifications: the model supports QALYS, and discounting of both costs and effects. The half-cycle correction is implemented as within-cycle correction.
Team Members: Laura Gremm, Wendelin Schramm
Previous Versions: none