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16th PROSIT Workshop on Type 2 Diabetes Modelling - 19. October 2018

The next workshop on our modelling approach will be held in October as a one day crash course. Workshop attendees will learn how to develop a simple yet expandable health-economic Markov model using typical spreadsheet software such as Excel, OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Target audience are health-economists, PhD-students and data scientists working e.g. in research, for notified regulatory bodies, for the pharmaceutical industry or in health consultancies. Attendees will need pre-existing knowledge on the principles of health-economic evaluation and on using spreadsheet software.

The workshop covers following aspects:

  • Learning the theory of Markov modelling
  • Learning basic techniques of spreadsheet software needed for building a model
  • Implementing a three state model structure (norm state, temporary state and absorbing state)
  • Building transition matrixes based on fixed probabilities (Markov chain)
  • Implementing a half-cycle correction (several possibilities)
  • Including costs, discounting and a willingness-to-pay threshold
  • Including quality-of-life factors for calculating QALYs
  • Implementing a second comparator to the model
  • Expanding from Markov chains to Markov processes (e.g. age and gender dependent mortality)
  • Designing and reporting of key medical, economic and health-economic outcome parameters (Cost-per-QALY-gained, NMB, etc.)
  • Wrap-up

Workshop Language will be German, all slides and models in English
The place of the venue will be the congress centre
Eppelheimer Straße 46
69115 Heidelberg
Saal 100

Start 9:00 o'clock
End 17:00 o'clock

Workshop Flyer

The Flyer provides all information:


To register online, please go to

In case of questions, please contact Wendelin Schramm (