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  • 2. April 2008: Migration of the server
  • 18. March 2008 - Spam Protection: Installed a Captcha. Read more...
  • 19. February 2008 - PROSIT Workshop 5./6. April - Programme available: The German PROSIT Disease Modelling Workshop is now open for registration (see also announcement below). Interested? Please download the flyer of the workshop [PDF, 0.5 MB].
  • 13. February 2008 - PROSIT awarded with the Quality seal of the German National Action Platform Diabetes: The PROSIT Disease Modelling has been awarded with the NAFDM Quality Seal of the German National Action Platform Diabetes!
NAFDM Quality Seal

This seal is given after a peer-review to prominent diabetes projects which are likely to contribute to improved future care for persons with diabetes mellitus.

  • 8. February 2008 - Danube A: Public Commentary Phase has ended The public commentary phase has ended without major problems. Only a few feedback statements were made via e-Mail with regard to lay-out issues and typos in the model. The PROSIT team wants to thank all participants in this feedback round!