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What is PROSIT good for?

PROSIT wants to ease the comparison of costs and utilities of different therapies by providing simple to use models. Imagine two competing therapies to heal a disease. Which one is the best choice for a limited amount of money? Our models help to answer this and other questions helping to create an affordable and strong health care system for the future ... reliable and for free!

More formal:

Structure of the PROSIT Retinopathy Diabetes Disease Model, nick named as "Rhenus A"
  • Until 2010 we want to have developed disease models for all relevant late complications of diabetes mellitus (i.e. nephropathy, retinopathy, diabetic foot syndrome, stroke, myocardial infarction), while providing...
    • ...high quality according to common standards like existing modelling guidelines and pharmaco-economic reporting guidelines
    • ...transparency and credibility by open development
    • ...free to use, to change and to participate through open source licensing
  • The future mission is to integrate also models for other chronic diseases such as asthma, COPD and more.
  • The long-term vision is to build up a lasting open source library of disease models on the internet.


Please note that if you want to use content of this page or if you want to contribute, you have to do this in accordance with the GNU Free Documentation License.

Amsn8.png The Community

We are an international project with members from different countries. If you'd like to join, please contact us! Main institutional partners are

  • Heilbronn University / Hochschule Heilbronn (Germany) [1]
  • University Transilvania of Brasov / Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov (Romania) [2]

Graph.svg The Modelling Projects with Downloads

Specific information related to models and ongoing projects:

  • Cold River - Educational, hypothetical model of a simple cold
    • No release yet.
How to get models running with OpenOffice.org
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