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Franziska Herget started studying Medical Informatics at the universities of Heidelberg and Heilbronn in the year 2005.

Joining the PROSIT-Team in June 2008, she began as a corrector for the english contents of PROSIT, CAMPUS and GECKO as well as for study theses, advancing further to an admin and SysOp to PROSIT a few months later.

If there are any questions about her work, comments or corrections, feel free to contact her via e-mail:


Study theses in english related to Mr.Schramm, PROSIT, GECKO or CAMPUS

Feel free to send me your study thesis, via Mr.Schramm or one of the assistants, for a first review. For a full correction a meeting in person is necessary in order to discuss the paper as a whole. For the correction of a diploma thesis, please turn to a professional lector.


Just noticed your changes. Good job, keep on going! Wendelin Schramm 17:35, 14 July 2008 (CEST)