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QU. Resource use definitions in PROSIT_Type_2 _Diabetes_Models

I came across the collection of PROSIT open source disease models and was very interested to see the models developed in Type 2 Diabetes applied to Germany (nephropathy, retinopathy, diabetes, foot syndrome). In reading more about the details on the models’ structure and input parameters specifications I had a brief question that I wanted to ask concerning the correct interpretation of 2 aspects relating to the definition of costs described in the models.

For example in the PROSIT model “PROSIT_Nephropathy_Type_2_Diabetes_Model_2008A_Germany_RC1” 1) COST FOR GENERAL PRACTIONER sheets the columns headed “% patients with resource use” for different costs categories relates to resource use occurring over 1 year? Also the data source for the % of patients is hypothetical and/or requires user input directly? 2) In the same sheets the columns headed “resource use per patient” relate to the number of units of resource consumption? (e.g. number of visits per patient, 1, 2 etc over the time period of 1 year?).

Any clarification on these 2 issues would be very much appreciated, just to be sure my interpretation is correct one!

Many thanks in advance.

Aileen Neilson, Basel, Switzerland