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News and Announcements

Julia Meister M.Sc. candidate, Alexandra Bozocea M.Sc., Fabian Sailer M.Sc., Wendelin Schramm MD participating at the 9th Mt. Hood Diabetes Modeling Challenge, DDZ Düsseldorf October 2018
Johannes Rickmann presents at the ICIMTH Conference, Athens July 2017
PROSIT Poster Presentation at the annual Congress of the German Diabetes Association, Hamburg May 2017
Best Paper Award at the ICIMTH Congress July 2016 in Athens
Scene from the Financial Times Germany award ceremony April 2010 in Berlin

  • Publication: the Mt Hood validation network on disease models argues that registries and networks can help make health economic simulation models much more transparent.[Link]
  • Our first Release Candidate of a pre-diabetes model has been released on 9. July 2019. It is based on Swedish registry data. Laura Gremm has been the principal author of the model.
  • Update tutorial model - 26. October 2018: We have updated the supplementary material of the ICIMTH 2017 publication - PROSIT HSD Sample Model.
  • Mt. Hood Diabetes Modeling Challenge - 5.-7. October 2018: PROSIT participates at the 9th Mt. Hood Challenge with good results.
  • Updated Whitepaper on per-capita costs of diabetes - 5. July 2018: We updated our Whitepaper on costs of diabetes mellitus. Both - the 2015 and 2016 editions - can be found here.
  • Now Open for Discussion - 26.04.2018: We are working on updating the PROSIT Publication Guidance. Comments for improving this document are welcomed until end of June.
  • Mt. Hood Diabetes Challenge Network - 28. March 2018: PROSIT is grateful for being mentioned in the model database of the The Mt. Hood Diabetes Challenge Network. This is an important international community of scientists working on disease modelling. The Network hosts excellent resources and it provides links to many relevant diabetes models.
  • ICIMTH 2017: 6 - 9. July 2017 in Athens: Master student Johannes Rickmann and Wendelin Schramm present the new tutorial "Healthy, Sick, Dead – An Educational Blueprint To State Transition Disease Modelling" at the ICIMTH 2017 Congress.
  • Just returned - 29. May 2017: ...from the annual congress of the German Diabetes Association in Hamburg (see picture on the right).
  • Best Paper Award for PROSIT at ICIMTH 2016: Our paper "PROSIT Open Source Disease Models for Diabetes Mellitus" was awarded with a "Best Paper Award" at the ICIMTH 2016 Congress in Athens.
  • dggö - Jahrestagung 2014 München: Pre-Conference Hands-on Workshop: Gesundheitsökonomische Modellierung mit & Microsoft Excel; Termin: Sonntag, den 16.03.2014
  • PROSIT Workshop Spring 2013 - 10.03.2013 PROSIT Hands-on Workshop at the University Essen.
  • PROSIT Relaunch Summer 2012 - 18.10.2012 The Release Candidate 1 of the nephropathy model is online.
  • PROSIT Relaunch Summer 2012 - 26.09.2012 The Release Candidate 1 of the hypoglycaemia model is online.
  • PROSIT Relaunch Summer 2012 Currently we are preparing the launch of all current PROSIT models in new technique and with new features.
  • PROSIT Workshop Spring 2011 fully booked! Thanks a lot for your support

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